Triple Eight Transport Inc.

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Since being founded in 2001, our successful team at Triple Eight Transport has covered significant ground as we set new standards in trucking. Through customized quality, diverse fleets of both equipment and drivers and environmentally friendly solutions, Triple Eight Transport is an industry leader serving Canada and the United States. With unity and cooperation as our guiding forces to attract and retain customers, we pledge to carry our business in a manner that fulfills promises without any compromises. Our commitment of expert logistics and transportation services not only effectively manages the freight but also ensures a safe and efficient work environment.

"Customized Transportation Solutions based on a culture of Trust, Safety and Responsibility."

Pardeep Arora
Triple Eight Transport founder and owner

our vision

Triple Eight Transport believes in attracting a committed, responsible and disciplined team of individuals for achieving high standards through exceptional services. The key to our success is by exceeding the requirements of our customers through committed excellence.

our mission

We strive to become a global leader by offering environmentally responsible and innovative transportation solutions through our intelligent and safety-focused team. With our proven integrity and high standards of work ethics, Triple Eight Transport aims to win the continued trust of our clientele.

Our core values


Largest Contributors

Our ability to adapt and grow has been one of the largest contributor to our success. We believe that improvements can always be made and we pride ourselves in listening and responding to customer feedback.

Safety & Quality

In order to be remain so well-regarded in the industry, we have a standard of Safety and Quality regulations put in place for the benefit of our customers. Our highly trained team will always go the extra mile to ensure this!

Environmental Footprint

Triple 8 Transport recognizes the impact pollution and wasteful behavior has had on our world. For this reason, we strive to do all that we can to be more environmentally cautious. Contact us to ask about our green solutions!

Latest Technology

For quality assurance purposes and quick deliveries, Triple 8 Transport uses only the latest technology to better serve you! Our Technologies: TMW Suite, satellite equipped trailers, configurations to match customer needs, proactive repair and maintenance.

Providing first class transportation services

Triple 8 Transport offers customized transportation solutions for specialized hauling of ground shipping. We have built our success on a foundation of trust, safety and responsibility and look forward to your positive experience with us!

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